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With massive trepidation I willed, steeled myself to see, experience this film.  Knowing the remarkable story of mountain climber Aron Ralston I dreaded the scene that the movie revolves around, the sole reason for its existence; without giving a “spoiler” it was gruesome.

Danny Boyle (“Slumdog Millionaire”) creates a visual, fantastic feast for the eyes; he slashes, slices, vivisects the screen with sections of society, scenery, luscious life, vibrant landscape whether stabile or galvanizing motion; the frenetic pulse complements the “hours” Aron is in confinement.

James Franco (finally doffing the James Dean lookalike syndrome) is brilliant as the ebullient, daring Aron; an outdoorsman who gobbles up any roadblock or challenge nature or the wild serves him; the world is not his oyster, it is a mountain to be tamed, owned and ruled.

Fate intervenes and Aron is given the rare opportunity of examining his life; the sensitive flashbacks, which he records are interspersed with humor, honesty, ultimately stripping bare and to the core his self-centeredness, the pain he visited upon those who loved him without reservations or boundaries. It is this pain that is more plausible and tangible than any physical torture he endured ; these unseen wounds, powerfully, irresistibly depicted by Franco; herein lies the essence, the greatness of the film. 

Aron Ralston, chose life, and is living it on his terms but with a dimension and vision few are allotted (or even wish for); “courage” appears insignificant when applied to him and the deed he enacted to earn the badge of other- worldly, godlike, bravery. Socrates said “an unexamined life is not worth living”; Aron Ralston should live far into this and the next millennium.


For Now…………….Peneflix 


  1. Is the story something interesting?

    • Thought you knew> Aron (2003) was trapped, pinned by a boulder in the mountains of Utah> he survived! The movie is based upon his book, “Between a Rock and a Hard Place”!

  2. The truth be told to me, Peneflix; I met your “soul mate” in Miami this week and never knew to connect the two of you. Aren;t you both blessed! Always look forward to read your reviews and thoughts. Thanks alot…….

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