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  An excellent play (written by David Lindsay-Abaire) has been translated into one of the finest films of the year. Nicole Kidman (Becca) and Aaron Eckhart (Howie) are dealing with the most horrific loss a parent can suffer: the senseless death of a cherished child. (This is evident from the commencement of the movie). Both actors soar in their personal ... Read More »


Suggestion. Try, and it will be a challenge, not to compare the 1969 version starring the iconic John Wayne, Kim Darby and Glen Campbell. If you succeed you will be thoroughly engrossed, entertained by this Coen brothers remake. Jeff Bridges gives a regal performance as the cantankerous, curmudgeon Ruben “Rooster” Cogburn; a lawman of “true grit” but unconventional methods, hired ... Read More »


  For forty excruciating, Chinese torturous minutes “Somewhere” went nowhere, I wished I was anywhere, but there; finally left and went somewhere, no matter where, just miles away from “Somewhere”. UNRATEABLE For Now…………Peneflix Read More »


FIVE STARS!!!!! One of the finest “fighter” films ever made, and I fall into the category of one who knows nothing about the intricacies of the sport but have loved all the bloody, brutal, archieval pugilistic films ever created.   Christian Bale’s characterization of Dicky Eklund is the anchor, life force, heart, soul and essence of this flawless movie. Ever since ... Read More »


A spectacular film about a man whose destiny included kingship!  Colin Firth plays George VI, (1895-1952) the younger brother of abdicated King Edward VII (Wallis Simpson). Firth is meteoric in portraying “ Bertie”, as he was affectionally addressed by his family and few friends. He was plagued with physical and emotional vicissitudes throughout his childhood: left handed he was forced ... Read More »


There are times that some of you have challenged the validity of my “Star” ratings; either too generous, to stingy or too harsh. Many of these rebuttals are legitimate, salient and intelligent. So I have reconsidered and lend credence to your opinions by changing my position; unlike the commandments they are not carved in stone. The changelings are: CONVICTION: GARNISHING ... Read More »


What is one to do when it rains in Florida? Run to the movies! Years from now Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal will look back at “Love and Other Drugs” and know that they were at their personal peak; their incandescent beauty shimmers with a radiance matched by the quintessential film pairings: Gable/Leigh, Bogart/Becall,Bergman, Tracy/Hepburn, Burton/Taylor, Gere/Roberts. The camera insatiably ... Read More »

For Immediate Gratification

Yes, I have been on holiday but still “working”. No, I do not review every movie I view but here are a few I have seen recently, some I will attack in depth upon my return. Appreciate your emails and these tiny morsels should help with your entertainment decisions. LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS (surprising, genuine, original love story) Anne Hathaway, ... Read More »


For starters all three of these films receive FOUR STARS (OUT OF FIVE)! This should pique your interest. “WELCOME TO THE RILEYS” is a jewel of a movie starring James Gandolfini, Kristen Stewart and Melissa Leo. It centers around irreparable loss, the myriad ways to heal, and love. Doug (Gandolfini) is a nice man, searching for affection in the most ... Read More »


With massive trepidation I willed, steeled myself to see, experience this film.  Knowing the remarkable story of mountain climber Aron Ralston I dreaded the scene that the movie revolves around, the sole reason for its existence; without giving a “spoiler” it was gruesome. Danny Boyle (“Slumdog Millionaire”) creates a visual, fantastic feast for the eyes; he slashes, slices, vivisects the ... Read More »

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