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6th Annual Academy Awards Contest: Coming Soon

PENEFLIX  6th ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARD CONTEST is coming soon! The nominees are located here.

It is that time of year, when once again I prove incapable of separating my mind and heart; they are so entwined that an autopsy would prove inconclusive. I vote for the film and nominees that I consider the best in their category. I do not play the odds; so many “winners” do, regardless of whether they’ve seen the films or not;  legal, but passionless.

Last year, there was record-breaking entries and winners, so start picking your favorites and you can win this year!



  1. While I am completely shameless and I vote for the ones that I think the hive-mind know as The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will go for.

    • Think you were a winner last year? P.

      • I was. The most ill tempered winner in history, for which I owe you an apology. It was fun though! If I remember right, I was able to win because you didn’t include the best song which in every other pool I had wrong (picking Pahrell Williams over Disney – which was dumb).

        • No disgrunteled feelings; you are a devoted subscriber; trust I will never categorize the musical components of the “Oscars”; being an Opera lover, I am totally unqualified, even to guess.
          BUT it will be harder this year; last year was an anomaly. Good luck! P.

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