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What I loved about this film was the lack of delineated suppositions; jarring, irritating, strident anomalies, whining, troubled, pressured protagonists; subterfuge, cataclysmic reversals; vampires and troubled teens; it was comforting, cozy watching septuagenarians stepping beyond their “years” , questing one more athletic accomplishment before relegating their dreams, unfulfilled fantasies, to the dormitory of life’s regrets.

Robert Redford and Nick Nolte, Titians in the world of film, are remarkably entertaining as two old codgers (one horribly out-of-shape) trekking the Appalachian Trail (2,160 miles); based on the book by Bill Bryson “A Walk in the Woods” is a showcase for two seasoned, iconic actors; they huff and puff, compete with hikers generations younger and handle the competition with levity and hilarity; aware of, but ignoring, their physical limitations, they earn their badges of courage by besting obstacles, seen and unforeseen, with inimitable dignity.

Recently in Split, Croatia, I chanced, while eating breakfast, a framed bon mot: “You are never to old, to set a new goal.” Smiling, watching “Bryson” (Redford) and “Katz” (Nolte) and their delicious, delightful repartee and uproarious shenanigans; bombarding platitudinous commandments of what’s “age appropriate”, shunning daunting dotage, anxiously awaiting and accepting the next chapter, positively inspirational.




  1. Totally agree with your review, Peneflix! Two fabulous actors, playing their roles in the most natural way. Refreshing, inspiring and lots of good laughs too!!!

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