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Never enamored with the sobriquet “chick flick”; admittedly there are films that fall into that genre. “Beloved” garnishes a slot. It is French Marshmallow Fluff; vanilla, sickeningly saccharine, sentimental, sensational and I could not wait for it to be over.

Spanning decades, Ludivine Sagnier  as “Madeleine”: young, vivacious prostitute who marries a “John” has a daughter, divorces; ingénue “Madeleine” matures into seasoned adulthood; Catherine Deneuve, still luscious, imbues the character with salty sinuousness, balancing her ex- husband (delightful depiction by Milos Forman) and present mate;  she watches her adult daughter “Vera” ( Deneuve’s actual daughter, Chiara Mastroianni) fall tragically in love with a homosexual musician. The successful, subtle nuances between the two should have been capitalized upon; gracing the screen with compelling chemistry.

“Beloved” is too ambitious, indecisive and flounders between monumental issues: infidelity, Russia’s invasion of Czechoslovakia , AIDS, heartache, all set to music; the lyrics are hummable, recognizable and struggle to compliment the scenario, but only “aid” the melodramatic, meandering, predictable outcome.


For Now…….Peneflix


  1. What a disappointment! Such a great cast!!! Sorry to hear that the film does not meet the talent of its cast.
    More when I see it!

    • It could not make up its mind as to what it wanted to be! Rent it or see it On Demand> I have seen worse! Thanks for your comments! P.

  2. I so agree. It kept going on and on and on. I hated the singing and you know I do not hate much.

    • Saw it at a screening, not knowing what to expect (you know I love French and Italian films); with the first song I burst out laughing! Rest, downhill! So happy to see your comments! P.

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