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Sweet, lovely film involving two decent, good and interesting people accidently thrown together in the exotic, confines of Cairo, Egypt. Patricia Clarkson, with her magnetic charm plays Juliette, the stranded wife of a U.N. official. She is escorted and introduced to the mysteries and religious practices  of Cairo by Tareq (Alexander Siddig, who smolders in the role).

This is a film about temptation and how one reacts to it.  Are we destined for all our needs to be satiated or satisfied by one or several individuals? Are there different kinds of love and do we have a choice in whom we love?

This movie addresses those choices and succeeds in leaving the audience in a retrospective mood; not judging but questioning.

TWO & 1/2 STARS!!


Normally, I would have skipped this soft, cuddly movie but was persuaded to attend, by a not-so-soft but cuddly nonetheless, individual; I smiled, laughed and was vastly entertained throughout this entire joyful film. Jennifer Aniston (if only she would change her hairstyle, or part it on the side) plays the 40 year old Kassie whose biological alarm has sounded and she shares with her best friend Wally (played by the ever so adorable Jason Bateman) that she plans on having a child; the “donor” Roland ( the dynamically disarming if somewhat annoying, Patrick Wilson).

The obvious scenario, hilariously depicted, captures the audience and we embrace our captivity.

The movie sparkles with the introduction of Sebastian, played by the irresistible, beguiling, captivating, Thomas Robinson; a precocious, introspective 6 year old; the movie loses its luster with his absence.  An older Sebastian is played by Bryce Robinson, the real life older sibling of Thomas!

Cameo performances by Jeff Goldblum and Juliette Lewis give substantial substance and richness to this light hearted comedy.

“Switch” off all your cares and woes, feel the highs, forget the lows;

Exit knowing you’ve experienced a THREE STAR!!! SHOW!



Go for the love of music, especially Tchaikovsky

For the love of a unique story: Russian/French connection

For the love of beauty, ethereal Melanie Laurent (“Inglorious Basterds”)

For the love of film; Radu Mihaileanu, has directed a pristinely polished gem

For the love, and the healing powers of escape

For the love of a movie deserving and receiving…….



For Now………..Peneflix

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