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Fellow Movie Lovers

Fellow Movie Lovers


“Ah, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”, Sir Walter Scott.

These words galloped through my mind for the entirety of this tightly wrought and brilliantly conceived Australian film. This is entanglement at its summit; breathtaking, frightening and shocking to the core.

I have not seen that many Australian films but in 2005 “ Wolf Creek” won my award for the most terrifying movie ever made, because unlike “Halloween” and “ Nightmare on Elm Street” it could have happened; the reality of it made it more horrifying, (Jason and Freddie never die). Even after five years it is permanently tattooed on my memory.

“The Square”, an upscale resort hotel in the development processes, commences with a scene that rendered the audience, after a unifying scream glued to their seats and cringing behind their popcorn.

The premise universal: Ray (David Roberts) the married project developer, his brain roaming from below the neck to above the knee, is in an illicit relationship with Carla (Claire Van Der Boom) the not so innocent beauty married to a low level mobster Greg (Anthony Hayes); his meanness slithers behind his rough exterior. .

The plot is woven tighter than an Indian braid; every centimeter of one’s concentrative powers is demanded to keep up with the tapestry that Nash Edgerton (directorial debut) has woven into this masterpiece of suspense.

There were times during the viewing that I realized that “The Square’s” bewitching intensity grew out of the simplicity of the characters; they were recognizable, average people weaving an inescapable web, a maze, a trap, that resulted in their doom or the despairing annihilation of self.


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