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Poetic evaluation of a “hopeless” partnership, commencing with one dissatisfied member, the other oblivious to, what viewers recognize, the obvious: twenty-nine years of marriage, cauterized, well before we meet “Grace” (inimitable Annette Bening) and “Edward” (dour Bill Nighy); she exudes bliss, in tandem with his robotic gloom; their only child “Jamie” (sensitive, Josh O’Connor) is conscripted as referee; his keen, perceptive performance adds formidable honesty to director/writer Willian Nicholson’s ardent and sweeping expose of a couple’s irreparable disintegration; the struggle of two fiercely intelligent people, especially Grace, to find life, integrity, a meaningful existence without being defined by one’s spouse. 

The refinement in “Hope Gap”, lies within the white cliffs of Dover; an immutable landscape, breeding “hope” and lending credence to the words of Albert Einstein: “I live in solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity.” Grace, sheds her marital chrysalis, embracing hibernating  glory, finally untethered.



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