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Bogus title, absolutely bereft of elitism; flagrant waste of talent (Jason Statham, Clive Owen, Robert De Niro) in a supposed true tale involving a Sheik, seeking revenge for the death of his three sons; the one remaining, short-changed in the gene pool. British Secret Service, Special Ops, Mercenaries: rogues refining their slaying skills.

The film is so convoluted, confusing, lacking in substance; boring at the hypnotic level; the fights and chase scenes overdone but at times creative; how does one win a battle tied to a chair?  Villains lacking villainy; where was “Darth Vader”, “Hannibal Lecter” , “The Devil’s Double” even “Freddy”? Heroes for hire, passed their prime, one -dimensional, blandly, stoically heroic.

“Killer Elite” might fare better on a television screen; you can condense two excruciating hours to thirty minutes. It is mortally, torturously unworthy of one more conscious or unconscious thought. Amen!


For Now……………Peneflix

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