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Director/writer Gillian Robespierre  (“Obvious Child”) coming of age film in the late 1990’s is a stale rendition of a ubiquitous theme: experimental drug use, gratuitous sexual encounters, scatological humor, irksome giggling. Sisters “Dana” (Jenny Slate) and “Ali” (Abby Quinn’s performance kept me in my seat) discover their father’s “Alan” (John Turturro) affair, perplexity abounds around informing their mother, “Pat”, (Edie Falco); plodding through inebriated sessions, questioning monogamy, defending the defenseless resulting in “same old, same old”.

“Landline” struggles to establish a refreshing take on a scenario all too prevalent in the 21st century; unfortunately it flounders in a morass of mundanity, predictability and ennui.






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