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The year 2018 saw the rise of two remarkable women, recognized by gallerists for their innovative, painting acuity; both in their seventies, having excelled in alternate professions, have reinvented themselves and are soaring, proving that age should not be a factor in excavating one’s dormant sensibilities, disciplines. Watching Felicity Jones, donning the early years of Ruth Bader Ginsburg (1933-), and wearing them well, miraculously invading the “old boys” Harvard universe, besting them at finals, Harvard Law Review and punching obsolete canons out of the ring;  similar to the mature female artists, shedding their chrysalis, “On the Basis of Sex” directed by Mimi Leder, highlights a woman who rose from her cocoon at an early age; still a seasoned, blithely energetic butterfly, worthy of the year’s redundancy, admiration and accolades.

At eighty-five, Justice Ginsburg (Supreme Court, 1993), has been elevated to rock star status;  documentary “RBG” (Peneflix 5/10), hails her meteoric rise; talk show appearances have jettisoned attention to her sharp sense of humor, levity and lust for the law; she’s championed equal rights for men and women (Weinberger vs Wiesenfeld, Moritz vs Commissioner of Internal Revenue) and has become a beacon, icon for women of the twenty-first century.

“On the Basis of Sex” is formidable in its compelling focus on a marriage, forecasting twenty-first century’s shared child raising, domesticity; Martin Ginsburg (1932-2010); dashingly, humbly, lovingly acted by Armie Hammer; magna cum laude, graduate from Harvard Law School;  Renaissance man who wholeheartedly stood behind his brilliant wife, prepared meals (his recipes have been compiled and published, “Chef Supreme: Martin Ginsburg“); his self-confidence, colossal security was as cemented in the kitchen,  as the courtroom. He was a “man for all seasons”, a role model for future generations, heralding the erasure of gender-specific statutes.

“On the Basis of Sex” is a reminiscent journey of a woman’s quest to actualize her potential, overwhelm a myriad of vicissitudes, and triumph!






This is my final review of 2018’s visual mastery. My gracious regards for your continued readership and wish for you perpetual enchantment in the illustrious, therapeutic realm of film.

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