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OUR LADIES (in theatres)

OUR LADIES (in theatres)

The term “coming of age” has become tiresome, an overused cliché depicting those indecisive teens yearning for an illusory, still to be defined, purpose of being. Director Michael Caton-Jones’s “Our Ladies” takes place in a small Scottish town in the mid 1990’s, as five rambunctious choir girls hanker for boozy, sexual encounters, on a field trip to Edinburgh. Secure in the parameters of blossoming adulthood these jejune “ladies”, with levity, and at times hilarity, toil towards their mission.

“Orla” (poignant, sensitive Tallulah Greive) a cancer survivor, whose wisdom is keenly cured because of her affliction; “Finnoula” (Abigail Lawrie) questions her sexual identity with experimentation; “Kylah” (Marli Siu) with an angelic voice tests the limits of her gift with gutsy resolve; “Manda” (Sally Messham) salaciously seduces her “mark” of choice; “Chell” (Rona Morison) finalizes the quintette cabal.

There is a poignancy for those well beyond the neophyte stage of life, watching young women squandering their potential, in exchange for ephemeral enchantments, pitching to the wind attributes that should be preserved; choices define and inform all lives; of the five, few realized their prospects.



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