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This outrageous, outlandish, horrific yakuza (Japan’s crime syndicate) film written, directed and starring Takeshi Kitano; he earns the blame and deserves no fame for this travesty of mutilation and obnoxious display of severed body parts. This gory scenario forsakes and destroys all boundaries accepted, expected in most organized crime films (“The Godfather”). Everyone dies, creatively; guns, knives, even banal chopsticks are weapons of mass destruction. I questioned the fissure in my sanity that caused me to stay for the entirety of this grimy, tiresome, stereotypical hunk of detritus.


For Now………Peneflix


  1. What possessed you to go see that movie?

    • The Devil or boredom!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need therapy after this!!!!!!!!!!!! At least saving my Subscribers! Thanks for commenting! P.

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