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There have been a plethora of untimely deaths in the world of music icons: Elvis Presley, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse,  Prince (1958-2016). I’d missed this film that put him at the pinnacle of musical mavens.

As far as a script or scenario it is horrific; it would have fared better without sophomoric, jejune dialogue, predictable, laughable transitions and insipid love scenes. It is “Prince’s” film debut and despite looking exceptionally “pretty in purple”, slithering on stage, alacrity on a motorcycle, his acting capabilities are nonexistent.

As “The Kid” struggling to achieve elusive stardom; his competition the oily, obsequious, cad “Morris” (Morris Day, cringingly embarrassing in the role); his father, a washed -up, abusive Jazz musician (the only truly legitimate actor of the crew, Clarence Williams III) is pejorative and dismissive of his son; his love interest, “Apollonia” (winner of the worst performance of the year, Apollonia Kotero) feels more like a babysitter than a peer.

That being said all the negative of “Purple Rain” is transcended by the brilliance of Prince, The Revolution; lyrics that lacerate emotionally, stunningly pulsate with reality, life’s pain and glory; capturing youth’s overpowering, mesmerizing potency of intense love/infatuation. The final twenty minutes of “Purple Rain” illuminates, without a doubt, Prince’s genius; a voice for the ages, dexterity with a guitar; androgynous agility splayed upon the stage; reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s fluidity, Prince’s moves resonate athleticism. Touched by the force of his radiance, I mourned the loss of another supernova, one who soared, played amongst the celestial, but in the end, a misfit amongst mortals.




  1. Peneflix, do you remember my childhood bedroom covered in posters of Prince? My first ever concert was in 1985 his Purple Rain tour. He was an unbelievable rockstar. His talent never faded. He will go down in history as a genius who was cut down too soon. I saw him many times; including his last tour in 2012. There is something to be said about some of our worlds biggest artists leaving the world too soon. Perhaps the biggest stars do burn brightest and burn out quickest.

  2. Thank you for reviewing this for us!

    • Hang in there: the last 20 minutes is worth the price of admission! Hope you are thriving in new position! P.

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