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If you are in the mood for mindless, unchallenging entertainment this joyous romp of a flick is the perfect infusion for addicted movie aficionados .

Watching veteran actors prancing across the screen, slaying bad guys, foiling fiendish plots, uncovering subterfuge in the government is candy for an audience satiated with negative  campaigning, political obfuscation, and pervasive terrorists plots.

Bruce Willis as sagacious Frank, is bored, lonely and in love with pension employee Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker, in the best role of her career) whom he kidnaps, when forces unknown try to eliminate him.  The adventure commences when the “retired” crew comes together for one last quest in the war of the righteous against the nefarious.  The gang consists of Morgan Freeman as Joe, lethally ill and thirsting for immortality with one final strike against immorality. John Malkovich as Marvin is deviously delicious as the crazed paranoid patriot. Brian Cox, embraceable as Ivan, the Russian grieving for lost “kills”. Helen Mirren plays Victoria, the elegant, sexy 60- something assassin craving the “occasional” contract.  The skills of the actors resulting in a myriad of achingly hilarious scenes; charismatic casting is the prime reason for the success of the movie.  

“Red” is exultant; adds sunshine to the spirit and glows with the inimitable nurtured talents of actors regardless of their age, still in their prime.

THREE & 1/2 STARS!!!

For Now……………Peneflix

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