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When I think of summers past it is not picnics, beaches or lemonade stands that come to mind; it is the theme parks with tilt-a-whirls, parachute plunges, but primarily the roller coaster with its palpating ascent and paralyzing descent that remains a frozen memory; sitting alone (my cowardly friends watching in horror) in the front seat, the world vanished, my heart and stomach switched places, leaving only the purest sensation of losing control, flirting with fate; my destiny determined by mechanics. That fearless person has vanished and now is a pillar of seasoned, if at times flawed, discretion. But as I watched “Salt” the titillating sensation of joy and recklessness played heavenly havoc with my mind and remembrance.

“Salt” is everything a summer movie should be: mindlessly entertaining, fascinating and constantly challenging your perceptions, breathtaking to watch and gorgeously filmed.
Every second was thrilling; with its conclusion came a touch of remorse.

Angelina Jolie is Evelyn Salt; she along with the Bollywood diva, Aishwarya Rai, rank as two of the most miraculously, divinely, bewitching women in the world; at times their beauty transcends their characterizations and can be disturbingly distracting. It is testimony to their talent that they sink their perfect incisors into the psyche of the roles they inhabit and leave not a quivering doubt in the viewer’s eye that what you see lacks all artifice and is real to the core.

Evelyn Salt is a force and employed by the CIA; her agility is aerobic, acrobatic, aerial and a lethal weapon; she is Clark Kent (Superman) in female form. Tom Cruise was considered for the role (Edward Salt?) but the movie works exceptionally well with a woman proficient in skills dominated by males; oh, the exhilaration as Evelyn takes flight.

The ultimate movie fantasy would be a pairing of Evelyn Salt and Lisbeth Salander (“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”); two heroines, combining attributes and with unmitigated strength liquidate the dark, nefarious, empire of evil; Rambo and The Terminator replaced by the feminine mystique, with brawn.

THREE & 1/2 STARS!!!

For Now…………Peneflix

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