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I live in a magnificent, powerful, strong metropolis; a lake enhances its beauty, even its pandemic infections did not cauterize its optimism. Now “is the summer of our discontent” egregious factions are cannibalizing our streets, bulldozing commercial property, destroying at whim our civility, our neighborhoods; orchestrated destruction erasing confidence, hope, faith in a future of cohesiveness, tranquility, where factions are judged, not by their financial disparities or hue, but their decency, acceptance and respect for each other, learning from, instead of condemning, censuring our differences. Reminiscent of the “Purge” film franchise where anarchy, carnage celebrate the perversity of mankind.

Director Amy Seimetz’s innovative, quirky premise in “She Dies Tomorrow” is based on an intellectual virus, a contagion communicable from one mind to another; thoughts inspire deeds, in “She Dies Tomorrow”, doom; actor Kate Lyn Shell, “Amy” with equanimity, aplomb, convinces all she meets that her imminent death is within twenty-four hours; skillfully, hyperbole becomes a reality with her friend “Jane” (superb Jane Adams), Jane’s brother (Chris Messina) and sister-in-law; in 84 minutes, Seimetz gives viewers mountains to ponder: life’s ephemerality, inevitability, acceptance;  thoughts pungent with positivity, negativity, altering actions; responsiveness to a pandemic, heeding or ignoring; grief, its vandalization of the spirit, hibernates at the core of “She Dies Tomorrow.”



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