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Singham Returns (Unfortunately)

Flagrantly, bombastically  cacophonous; every scene, word is punctuated  by a soundtrack guaranteed to render the hearing-impaired profoundly silent; others, achingly in need of Midas Mufflers. Wagnerian in scope and sound, Ajay Devgan is Herculean as “Inspector Bajirao Singham”; questing total annihilation of every bureaucratic malfeasance plaguing India since its 1947’s independence. “Singham Returns” is well-intentioned, action-infused, glamorously-filmed but far too ambitious, even with a 2&1/2 hour time-span.

Kareena Kapoor Khan’s talents are squandered on the insipid, flirtatious, hair-dresser “Avni”; bereft of chemistry, even the formulaic song and dance numbers lack electricity, add zip to the scenario, and should have been eliminated.

“Singham Returns” is salvaged from the pedestrian by the succinct performances of Anupam Kher as angelic “Guruti” and his reform party, seeking to replace entrenched, accepted political corruption; Amole Gupte is sensationally slimy as “Baba” Mumbai’s “Elmer Gantry”; his myriad of minions mesmerized by his duplicitous, hypocritical, platitudinous babble.

With a physique reminiscent of a Rodin sculpture Devgan owns “Singham Returns”; pristinely pure, a paradigm of righteousness; his heroic feats lack the pungent appeal of 2011’s “Singham” , instead of innovation, monotony prevails and predicts a third rendition of the super- slayer of iniquity. 

TWO & 1/2 STARS!!


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