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The Giver

Another wearisome, dystopian, bleak landscape, where “sameness” is genetically manufactured; one blessed, or more aptly cursed, with memories of a world long erased; a world where freedom of choice allowed individuals license to thrive or wither. The archival “giver” (depicted gloomily by Jeff Bridges) is sequestered in a home, tottering on the edge of existence; relegated to burdensome guru, instructor ... Read More »

Robin Williams 1951-2014

“The brighter the light the darker the shadow”. No one defines this prescient observation more than Robin Williams; he lit up film and television with his raucous, insightful humor, impeccable timing, fluent, gifted improvisation; lurking behind this amicable, ingratiating facade was always the omnipresent albatross of depression; a disease as insidious as the most crippling cancer; voraciously devouring one’s spirit ... Read More »


Melissa McCarthy is an intelligent woman with impeccable comedic timing; together with her husband, Ben Falcone (he also directed and plays her boss “Keith”) she wrote and stars in “Tammy”, a movie that elicits little laughter and lots of disappointment; the first twenty minutes she harangues anyone and anything within hearing distance; she has created a cult to corpulence,  and ... Read More »


Tom Cruise. For thirty years I have been a worshiper, a devout member of congregation “Cruisology”; “Risky Business” (1983) was my baptismal inauguration; here is a man with more avatars than Vishnu: lover, pilot, lawyer,  lover, football player, bartender, lover, gambler, samurai,  lover, vampire, rock star; endless characterizations.  But it is his role as super-hero that has monopolized his mega ... Read More »


Reminiscent of “Back to the Future”, but infused with tremendous angst and a monumental desire to stop the vicissitudes of the future by “adventuring” back to 1973; Director Bryan Singer’s worthy quest to protect the “mutants” (a metaphor for society’s outcasts, with extra-terrestrial gifts) is successful in its legitimate depiction of those outside the traditional genetic composition. Virginal, somehow “Marvel” ... Read More »

Breathe In Movie Review

A family of three, being photographed: uncomfortable, squirming in front of the technical, clinical gaze of the camera; they like each other, but there is an underlying awkwardness, a pretense of warmth, a feeling of unfamiliarity emanating from their forced gaiety. A gorgeous, precocious exchange student encroaches upon this fragile family and all vestiges of equanimity are shattered, deep- rooted ... Read More »


This tiresome, facile, tediously long imitation of “The Hunger Games”; the ubiquitously, depressing theme of a post- apocalyptic age, taking place in the decimated shell of the once viable city of Chicago, plummets the viewer with brutal training scenes; creating a weapon of mass destruction out of “Beatrice” a hundred- pound, determined young woman (Shailene Woodley). Handsome Theo James is ... Read More »


Luxuriating in the quiet, comfortably dull zone between the Academy Award nominations and the unveiling of the champions (Sunday, March 2nd) lurks the placating, coddling, mindless two and three star action flicks; knowing beforehand that the hero lives, enjoying the thrill of the chase; lusting for the inevitable demise of the nefarious antagonist; herein lies “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit”. Chris ... Read More »


Knowing the tragic, disastrous outcome of the 2005 Navy Seal team 10’s  mission in the unforgiving mountains of Afghanistan, made the film even more daunting and traumatic. Writer/director Peter Berg creates a beautifully filmed, brilliantly acted scenario based on Marcus Luttrell’s book “Lone Survivor:The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of Seal Team 10”. Mark Walberg as ... Read More »


Earns its “R” rating: salacious, scandalous sex (ancient Rome’s Tiberius, a distant second) voracious drug use; total absence of accountability and bereft of a moral compass; debauchery, greed, Olympian ambition, addiction; based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, the “wolf” whose heroic rise to millions, and ultimate collapse is depicted in the film, based on the book he wrote, ... Read More »

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