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Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance as the solitary, mathematical genius Alan Turing is stratospheric; his every nuance, prophetic stuttering, gleaning gesture resonate with profound empathy for a man whose intellect changed the world, saved countless lives, accomplished the “unimaginable”. Based on Turing’s book “The Enigma” the film faithfully follows his scrupulous mission at Britain’s Bletchley Park (members of MI6 and Government Code ... Read More »


Gamin, Keira Knightley, dashing, Mark Ruffalo with director John Carney (“Once”) in “Begin Again” bless audiences with a delectable, fluffy, scrumptiously sweet scenario;  guileless,  warm, mesmerizing meringue of a summer flick. Simply enchanting; delicious to watch, delightful to listen to (composer Gregg Alexander);  two depressed souls, destined to meet and make musical magic. “Dan” (Ruffalo) fired from his job as ... Read More »


Luxuriating in the quiet, comfortably dull zone between the Academy Award nominations and the unveiling of the champions (Sunday, March 2nd) lurks the placating, coddling, mindless two and three star action flicks; knowing beforehand that the hero lives, enjoying the thrill of the chase; lusting for the inevitable demise of the nefarious antagonist; herein lies “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit”. Chris ... Read More »

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