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In the profoundly silent first moments of the film we watch a solitary wrestler in a balletic performance with an  anthropomorphic partner; Mark Schultz, Olympic Gold medalist, practices his quintessential wrestling techniques; Channing Tatum gives the greatest performance of his career as this lost, isolated athlete, living in the shadow of his older brother (17 months), Dave, also an Olympic ... Read More »


Gamin, Keira Knightley, dashing, Mark Ruffalo with director John Carney (“Once”) in “Begin Again” bless audiences with a delectable, fluffy, scrumptiously sweet scenario;  guileless,  warm, mesmerizing meringue of a summer flick. Simply enchanting; delicious to watch, delightful to listen to (composer Gregg Alexander);  two depressed souls, destined to meet and make musical magic. “Dan” (Ruffalo) fired from his job as ... Read More »

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