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Wins the first round of the playoffs as one of the worst films of 2012. Two fine actors, Emily Blunt and Jason Segal are “Violet and “Tom” , excruciatingly saccharine, superficial lovers unable to exchange vows. Why did the audience have to be crucified on their cross of ineptitude?   They mew, fawn, babble endearments (at tooth- ache intensity); she refers to him as “babe” so copiously I earnestly thought she had forgotten his name; which was not necessarily a bad thing. Their embarrassing gushiness, random displays of raunchiness are devoid of a centimeter of chemistry. One egregious sin I can never forgive in my screen characters is boredom; Violet and Tom have cornered the market, championed, monopolized tedium.

This movie could have been legitimate if it had concentrated on viable issues that many couples are confronted with; Violet and Tom are from different countries, cultures, religions, disparate interests. Anyone who has ever loved, been disappointed in romance, conquered the chasms or sunk in the mire of failed relationships will exit knowing even as neophytes that could have written a finer script.

On the positive side it is not as bad as any of the “Sex and the City” movies.


For Now………….Peneflix


  1. OMG, why did I love it? It has to be because I am in love with Jason Segal. Why that also?? Well, hey, Michelle Williams likes him!

    P.S. I know you have an “in” with T.C. so what is this Sunday’s movie? I promise I won’t tell a soul, and I am going anyway. If you must keep it confidential, I understand.

    • Guess even the most talented actors cannot save an inane script>

      TC> only know it is supposed to be a comedy: promise that is the extent of my info. and did not get it from you-know-who> we will both discover its identity on Sunday!
      Always look forward to seeing YOU! P>

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