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THE NEST (On Demand)

THE NEST (On Demand)

Not to be confused with the best selling 2016 novel by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney, the film is a tour de force for actor Jude Law (his investment in the project exceeds expectations); time-worn tale of ambitions gone awry, misshapen goals, individuals defining themselves by their purchasing power; superficiality slaying substantiality; “Rory” (Law) and “Allison” (perceptive performance by Carrie Coon) move to England, with their children (“Samantha”, Oona Roche, “Ben”, Charlie Shotwell) after unrequited dreams in the United States; Rory, an investment banker, courts debt with his every decision: a drafty mansion, a sick stallion (Allison, an equestrian, and horse trainer), a chinchilla coat; Allison, linked to the land, sheds the corporate chrysalis, in order to breathe.

Director/writer Sean Durkin and Hungarian cinematographer Matyas Erdely (“Son of Saul”) presciently fabricate 1980’s aura, but it is Law and his astonishing portrayal of a decent man, a charismatic man, who spirals “down the rabbit hole” oblivious, blind to the fact that all he really needs for success, happiness, has all the time been, within his grasp.



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