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David Schwimmer has made a fascinating, gut-wrenching film about the insidious plague that has invaded the internet; disguised, depraved predators seducing unblemished children, whose false sense of maturity belies their age. “Trust” tackles 21st century issues where boundaries have dissolved: children, because of unlimited access to the internet, “chat rooms” where masquerade is legitimate, have lost the virginal purity of youth, naivety;  sexual awareness dawning years before emotional and physical preparedness. Responsible parents, oblivious to the creative subterfuge practiced by their supposedly well-adjusted progeny, blind to the danger signs; more importantly how to address and educate their beloved offspring about the sick, malicious,  iniquitous individuals obfuscating their poison behind loving words and kind, placid exteriors. 

Clive Owen and Catherine Keener (excellent, credible performances) are the intelligent, attentive parents of fourteen- year -old Annie (Liana Liberato); a beautiful, talented high school freshman; she seemed too smart to be so gullible; but the electronic seduction is sensual and provocative as it weaves its nasty web around Annie’s heart, seducing her mind in tandem.

The actors are believable as the foundation of their lives is fractured into a thousand shreds; but the message transcends the performances.  Trust is packaged in a myriad of forms; the dilemma revolves around choices. Trust is intangible, innate, illusive, earned and when shattered, destructive and life- altering. The essence and genius of “Trust” is  the elimination of the pedantic, sensational;  the viewer is allowed to question and come to their own conclusion.

The only flaw in “Trust” was the insensitivity the parents displayed in, regardless of her age, not grasping the depth, poignancy of Annie’s love and trust of “Charlie”! Love is a potion so intoxicating, so addictive that hearts have been demolished by its potency and or betrayal. There a thousands of children and families who have to reconstruct their lives because of the maniacal behavior of evil deviants. “Trust” poses many scenarios but few solutions.

THREE & 1/2 STARS!!!

For Now…….Peneflix


  1. Totally agree with your excellent review Peneflix. ON the other hand, the parents are only seeing what hurts their child and don’t even want to admit that their child could be attracted and even fall in love with a predator. That to me is the “real” slice of life the film gives us. It is the parents denial of that reality.
    Thanks for taking the time to review these films, Peneflix!!!! 🙂

  2. Thanks to your review, I now cannot wait to see this. Always look forward to Peneflix reviews…

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