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Stephen and Alex (also directed) Kendrick, writers of the surprisingly sensational, low-budget film “War Room” are comforted by audiences’ approval of a movie that bludgeons with its monumental religious message: cease judging others, accept Jesus in your heart and hearth, cast out evil; only then may you join the ranks of the righteous.

The “war room” is a metaphor for a personal, confrontational conversation with God; “Miss Clara” (remarkable portrayal by Karen Abercrombie) uses a closet for her prayerful onslaught,  soul cleansing; years of her messages cover the walls; she is believer, a female “Elmer Gantry”, impossible to ignore or escape her celestial proselytizing.   

“Elizabeth (Priscilla C. Shirer) and Tony (T.C Stallings) Jordan” are an upwardly mobile couple living in luxury; their marriage is crumbling, they’ve neglected their daughter, their arguments define their leisure hours; Miss Clara sees Elizabeth, a real estate broker, as a cause worthy of her tutelage; hence the purification commences; purging of possessions (closet is decontaminated of odorous designer shoes) and the Devil is expunged.

“War Room” presents a strange and interesting anomaly; regardless of religious affiliation or lack thereof, the film address a logical, simplistic way to live; annihilation of angst, envy, derisive behavior towards family, friends and mankind; eliminate narcissisms, chauvinism; possibly an antibiotic for what ails contemporary society.

TWO & 1/2 STARS!!


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