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Hello Fellow Movie Lovers!!!!!!!!!!!

It was by sheer chance that two of the three movies I saw over the weekend dealt with the English Romantic poets; poets whose verses awakened in my youthful soul, fantasies of the perfect love; love that remained for all eternity in full bloom!  Part of the romance was anchored in the fact that three of the four major poets ... Read More »

Fellow Movie Lovers

First I want to thank you for your words of approbation and encouragement in this my virginal voyage into the world of bloggers; or blogetts, in my case. Secondly, I particularly appreciated those who shared their opinions and disagreements with some of my ratings; very valid criticisms. The major “bone of contention” was the five stars I gave Julie & ... Read More »

Hello Fellow Movie Lovers!!!!!!!!!!!

After years of prodding by family and friends I have decided to tread gingerly into the field of nameless, faceless bloggers! Adding to the myriad of individuals posting their thoughts and opinions and hoping that there are some who agree and fewer that do not! I LOVE movies!!!!!!!!!  Millions of us do.  Where does this love come from?   From childhood ... Read More »

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