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Noah Movie Review

Admittedly, I have never given the biblical “Noah” much thought; the ark, pairs of animals and the forty days and nights of rain (Seattle residents can relate to this) sums up my limited level of knowledge or curiosity.  With no expectations I watched Darren Aronofsky’s vividly imaginative interpretation, of what many consider conjecture, myth;  surprisingly, found myself “swimmingly” intrigued. There ... Read More »


Jason Bateman is captivating as misogynistic, “Guy Trilby”, blessed with an eidetic memory; at forty, has discovered a loophole in spelling bee bylaws and despite convention, or protocol demands entry to a grade school competition. What transpires is a hilarious, often forlorn, entertaining narrative, defying transparency; Guy refuses to be bated by a savvy journalist (Kathryn Hahn), who uses feminine ... Read More »


“Rani”  (Kangana Ranaut, “Queen”) a traditional, submissive Indian girl is dumped by her fiancé, “Vijay” ( Rajkummar Rao) a feckless cad, resembling a chipmunk, two days before the wedding; sheltered, naive, she nonetheless decides to go on her honeymoon to Paris and Amsterdam, alone.   What transpires is a joyous journey of self-discovery; shedding archaic taboos; accepting and understanding cultural differences; ... Read More »


This tiresome, facile, tediously long imitation of “The Hunger Games”; the ubiquitously, depressing theme of a post- apocalyptic age, taking place in the decimated shell of the once viable city of Chicago, plummets the viewer with brutal training scenes; creating a weapon of mass destruction out of “Beatrice” a hundred- pound, determined young woman (Shailene Woodley). Handsome Theo James is ... Read More »


This enchanting film was the darling of the 49th Chicago International Film Festival.  Lindsay Duncan and Jim Broadbent give luminous performances as a British couple venturing to Paris to celebrate their thirtieth wedding anniversary; on the surface, this seemingly well-matched pair banter, flirt as only those who have lived, studied each other’s foibles, idiosyncrasies, insecurities; a lifetime vocation in adjusting, ... Read More »


Annette Benning and Ed Harris give genuinely fine and sensitive performances as middle-aged lovers; the camera’s honesty strokes each well-earned wrinkle, with tenderness. “The Face of Love”, realistically addresses the paralyzing depth of grief; no one ever truly recovers from a sudden loss; a loved one ripped, in a nanosecond, from one’s life, nothing prepares you for the cauterization of ... Read More »


The dimpled -duo (Ayushmann Khurrana and Sonam Kapoor) cannot salvage this soulless, simple scenario about twenty-first century relationships; “Mohit” (Khurrana) struggles with joblessness  (if explored, could have been immensely intriguing) and “Maya” (Kapoor) his fiancé is financially accommodating until their partying ways become too much of an embarrassment for both “parties”. Skimpy comic relief is provided by Maya’s retired father ... Read More »


The fecundity of director Wes Anderson’s imagination has never been so beautifully luminous, so poignantly poetic as in this enchanting, compelling slice of nostalgia; a pecan of a world and life only treasured,  experienced through the written word and a magical film. “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, influenced by the brilliant, prescient autobiography, “The World of Yesterday” by Austrian, Stefan Zweig ... Read More »


The Battle of Stalingrad is a metaphor for colossal perseverance; the Herculean strength of the dedicated; outnumbered, starving, obstinately denying the German forces a victory . The battle lasted from August 23rd,1942, until February 2nd,1943. The annihilation of the German army (led by doomed Field Marshall Paulus) heralded Germany’s deserved demise. The loss of life, over a million souls, has ... Read More »


A highly unique and unorthodox phenomenon is the spine of this deliciously delightful film from director Ritesh Batra; over five thousand “Dabbawalas” deliver “tiffin boxes” containing hot lunches (prepared at home or restaurants) for over four hundred thousand people in the workplace; founded in 1890 by Mahadeo Havaji; this organization still thrives in the bustling, cacophonous over-populated city of Mumbai, ... Read More »

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