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Salman Khan puts his financial largesse, talent and a major portion of his soul into this Bollywood extravaganza; a unique, subtle, spirited view of Hindu/Muslim relationships. Lacking bludgeoning, blatant, self-serving proselytizing, the film beautifully addresses religious, cultural differences by using as “tools” a simple, righteous man “Pavan” (Khan) and a mute, lost Pakistani girl, “Munni/Shahida” (the heart of the film; ... Read More »


On Saturday May 2, 2015, I was one of the millions of lemmings lusting to watch the “fight of the century”: Floyd Mayweather versus Manny Pacquiao; not an aficionado of the sport, but a fan of great boxing films;  grossly naive, felt this competition would have some aspects of “Rocky”, “Raging Bull”, “Cinderella Man’”; lacking gusto, barely-breathtaking, the only surprise ... Read More »


Woody Allen has accomplished the irrational; no matter the protagonist, either male or female, it is Allen’s persona that is splayed upon the screen; in this, his most recent “autobiographical” scenario, he cloaks himself in the guise of Joaquin Phoenix,  playing a neurotic, psychotic philosophy teacher; Allen’s frustrations spiral into the macabre; all the awards, female conquests, even marrying his ... Read More »


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930) has to be kvelling in the afterlife knowing that over seventy actors have played his iconic detective “Sherlock Holmes”; Ian McKellen, the latest “Mr. Holmes” is stellar as the man in his dotage, loosing his prescient intellectual deductions, struggling against the evaporation of time, grappling to recall and right a thirty-year-old “cold” case, documented by  ... Read More »


I knew a couple whose roles were similar to “Amy” and  “Aaron”; volatile, electrifying, boozy Amy versus staid, calm, reliable Aaron; their combustible relationship would have been ephemeral if Amy had not righted her ways; they are still together, contented and happy. Writer/actor Amy Schumer stars in this semi-autobiographical tale of her own dysfunctional formative years; her relationships with her ... Read More »


Disturbing, creepy documentary by director Crystal Moselle, focuses on the Angulo family; seven children imprisoned in their Lower East Side Manhattan apartment, by their paranoid parents; Moselle sees the uniformly dressed brothers (6 boys and a girl) waist-length pony tails, dark suits, sunglasses; curiosity piqued, Moselle engages the boys and the result is one of the strangest urban, gothic tales ... Read More »


Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix,  Jim Morrison, Jean-Michel Basquiat…..Amy Winehouse (1983-2011), all died at the age of 27; supernovas extinguished by their own manufactured flames. Asif Kapadia’s stunning, brutally honest documentary about the doomed talent resonates to the core with the unadulterated pain of an unprotected, over-exposed ego; Amy was a one-dimensional individual, supremely gifted with a voice to ... Read More »


“Magic” has been replaced by nostalgia; longing for the vibrancy and electricity of 2012’s “Magic Mike” the sequel pales and is lame, “limp” in comparison. Yes, the physiques are flawless, honed to scintillating perfection, gyrating, double-jointed, slithering between fawning, manic maidens and matrons; still possessing the “moves” but the fire, passion has fizzled, leaving a placid, stale imitation of what ... Read More »

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