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Here is a film for the cerebral, metaphysical, scientific, amateur astronomers. A strange, wildly wonderful creation written by Mike Cahill and Brit Marling.  Marling, with a Helen of Troy countenance is “Rhoda”, a seventeen- year- old, celebrating her acceptance to M.I.T. when a collision irreparably, irretrievably alters her fate. Rhoda is bifurcated, wounded but searches,  sees and believes in another earth, where all have a doppelganger, a double, another “Rhoda” whose choices enrich, not destroy lives.

One moment heaven is within reach then in a nanosecond careens into the caverns, caves of destitution and despair. Brit Marling gives a magnificently divine portrayal of a scarred, tortured penitent; she works in maintenance, scrubbing toilets in a school  where she  previously reigned as a gifted scholar; a lover of Galileo, Copernicus, Newton. The divinity of her characterization is that she never seems grounded in “Earth One”, always floating, gravitating to a second earth, “Another Earth” where errors remain unborn, horrors expunged, minds purified, cured of heinous, debilitating guilt.

William Mapother, “John” a composer whose life is traumatized, soul mutilated, doomed to live when the blackness of painless nothingness is longed for; alcohol –anesthetized, a crucified, tormented spirit, plummeting towards obscurity, insanity.

The pairing of Rhoda and John is one of the more interesting relationships on today’s screen. Two damaged individuals whose stars cross and serendipitously ignite the convalescence process; a breathtaking musical scene, a saw and a bow produce the sound of a conscience crying, a mind mending,  a heart healing.

Of the myriad of movies focusing on the extra-terrestrial , undiscovered alternate life forms, “Another Earth” shatters and diminishes layers of fantasy opening the scientific window of possibilities, where other life sources thrive, where man may venture and find his harmonious, synchronous soul.


For Now………..Peneflix 


  1. Four Stars from me as well. And featuring one of the finest performances in years. An adult movie with an adult movie ending. This film may be overlooked by those who think it is a sci-fi genre film. It is not. It is a searing tale of what it means to be human, a tale of hope and joy and of life after hope and joy. It is about the need for redemption, about how none of us escapes ourselves, our actions. It is a very quiet film with a very big heart. It has grace.
    Please see this film.

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