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A titillating, scintillating scenario reminiscent of 2007’s “Sleuth” starring Michael Caine and Jude Law. Writers Marc Frydman and Justin Stanley partnering with director Brian Goodman and starring Antonio Banderas and Jonathan Rhys Myers serve a concoction of nerve twisting thrills; impenetrable nuances, hypnotic narrative sabotage one’s attention for its entirety.

“Paul” (Banderas) an alcoholic, washed-up writer, lives outside a mountainous town where a series of young women have been killed; he is bereft of ideas and funds, his derelict home is on the market; after a road rage incident, he is rescued by “Jack” (Rhys Myers) an enigmatic, tattooed drifter that Paul invites into his life and home. What ensues is a classic case of “never trusting the obvious” as Jack bludgeons, hacks and ultimately destroys Paul’s “writer’s block”; their compelling confrontations sink to the lethal and the balance of power shifts between the protagonists; these shifts are brilliantly effective due to prescient writing and astral performances by Banderas and Rhys Myers.


“Black Butterfly’s”, indefatigable surprises, taunt filmmaking, flirted with perfection but flounders in the final scene, robbing audiences of unmitigated satisfaction.





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