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Kudos to the Film and Cinema Department of Columbia College, Chicago and to the unbiased referee Ronald Falzone for creating a movie, memory moment. Featuring Lars von Trier’s “Melancholia”.

Contenders Patrick McDonald (HOLLYWOODCHICAGO.COM) and Penelope Steiner ( ducked it out, wounds inflicted, blessedly not fatal; civility reigned and all enjoyed the fun, feisty debate. The real stars were the youthful audience who shed and shared their scintillating observations, insights and unencumbered wisdom; all were enlightened.

Thank you for the opportunity to be “Slapdowned”! 

For Now………..Peneflix


  1. Penelope, I am THRILLED that I received this post. I have missed your blog. I signed up again and I hope the “Infinite Cyberspace Blog Goddess” does not mess with my subscription this time. Sounds like you had a grand debate. In my opinion, I am sure you were the winner! Since, Jordan and I are not avid movie-goers I get to enjoy the movies through your accurate and beautiful words. Thank you for your skillful and detailed critiques!!! 🙂

    • Dear Sheila,
      You have always been a “Subscriber” and should always receive my “heads up” on recent films. The technological world will forever be a labyrinth of daze and confusion; the likes of us might be too empirical for this realm.
      I am a religious follower of your colorful, insightful brain blog! XO P.

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