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As we tread through life certain ubitqtious lessons are revealed. One is that grief has no parameters and spares no one;  the second vital, and surprising lesson, is that you do not choose who you love; it can come out of oblivion, tackle your blind side, imprison your heart in a fortress; its duration, ephemeral or eternity.

“Delicacy” expertly deals with these dual themes: delicately, sensitively, poignantly due to the effulgent performance of Audrey Tautou as “Nathalie”, a waif- like beauty whose life is vivisected by a catastrophic incident. Tautou is nothing short of mesmerizing; she has matured from ingénue (“Amelie”) into one of the screen’s finest actors. She floats and imbues Nathalie with enough pathos that we understand her pain without pitying her; controlling her destiny, unaware of its outcome.

A Swedish coworker “Markus” ( startlingly, strong depiction by Francois Damines) breaks the facade, the invisible vitrine protecting the workaholic Nathalie; he is an unlikely lothario who like “Jeff Who Lives at Home” grows on you. Quirky, kind, funny and instantly infatuated; the comedic elements of the film revolve around his reactions to her, and everyone he encounters; he is a great big, loveable, huggable hunk.

“Delicacy” is wistful, gentle in its tale of loss, love, rejuvenation. For those who read the novel by David Foenkinos (also directs with his brother, Stephane) there are no surprises and eventually the film will fade, as does all fantasy but there was one line worth remembering: when asked about his love for Nathalie, Markus replies that she makes him “the best version of himself”.  A simple, succinct testimony of what one should search for and nurture in a partner.


For Now…………..Peneflix

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  1. Your review of DELICACY is perfectly accurate, Peneflix! I read the novel in French, and given the fact that David Foenkinos also directed and wrote the film, explains how the story is not changed in the screen, and, the film does justice to a beautiful love story. Audrey Tautou, I agree with you is perfect for the role.
    Thank you for another great review, happy travels!

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