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Fellow Movie Lovers

Fellow Movie Lovers

Because I have yet to pass my son’s technology 101 course, I inadvertently deleted the second section of my Blog yesterday! I also see movies that appeal to me on a certain level but I do not review in depth……….


Frederick Wiseman’s documentary of the Paris Opera Ballet will entertain those who are fascinated with the agility and liquidity that the human body can attain with years of practice. A marvelous testimonial to the fact that women and men can challenge gravity and touch the sky.



There are not enough adjectives in Webster’s Dictionary to describe this spectacular, enchanting, whimsical animated film. All ages will be transported and rejoice in the incredible anthropomorphic characters; they become our friends and we root for their escapes and conquests.

The Fantastic Mr. Fox will live comfortably with Wall-E and Ratatouille in the echelons of iconic twenty first century film animation.

Hats or “tails” off to the incomparable Wes Anderson and Roald Dahl for this lusciously magical screen gem!



We have all heard the expression, “don’t kill the messenger” and have grasped its meaning but this raw and intestine wrenching tale brings our understanding to the highest level. Who considers the emotional status of these harbingers of death? The victim’s pain is accepted but the men and women who deliver the life altering blow have escaped our empathy. Due to the noble and stunning performances of Ben Foster, Samantha Morton and the ubiquitous Woody Harrelson these envoys have risen to the forefront of our consciousness; never, ever to recede.


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  1. As son and administrator of said Technology 101 course, I feel qualified to deem Peneflixa bona fide "modern" site, despite the need for a "Part II" of the latest entry by the Founder. That aside, I agree with the assessment of Fantastic Mr. Fox. I was part of a group of three adults (no little children) who saw this, and we all loved it. A very nice escape, entertaining, witty, even cool (when are Clooney and Streep not cool?). And how fun is it to try to guess the voices of the supporting cast foxes (hear Owen Wilson, anyone?)?

    That's all for now. Go Peneflix!

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