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“When the weather outside is threatening” and the warmth of the hearth is beckoning; one’s only option it seems, is to let it stream, let it stream, let it stream:

“THE GIRL FROM OSLO”  (NETFLIX).    Intriguing thriller revolving around the kidnapped daughter of a Norwegian diplomat and two Israeli friends, in the Sinai Peninsula; powerfully written and performed the tantalizing series leaves viewers yearning for a second round. Actors Amos Tamam, Anneke von der Lippe and Raida Adon add to the extraordinariness of this Israeli cliff-hanger.

“REYKA”. (AMAZON PRIME). An unlikely detective and role you’ll never forget, “Reyka” (Kim Engelbrecht) a multiracial kidnapped victim turned law enforcer in South Africia, visits her jailed kidnapper (Lain Glen), soliciting his aid in catching a serial killer.

“THE LONG CALL” (BRIT BOX). Based on the book by Ann Cleeves is a stunning and sensitive look at a detective (Ben Aldridge is superb as “Matthew Venn”) who chose an alternate lifestyle, moves from his small town, returning to solve a crime; touchingly written, splaying deep seated prejudices, and the scourging, painful methods to overcome them.

“THE WITNESSES”  (AMAZON PRIME). Ingenuity permeates this distinctively brainy German series; crimes are solved by unearthing the memories of the witnesses; demanding the viewer’s absolute concentration; this series starring Alexandra Maria Lara as Dr. Jasmine Braun, the interpreter of memories, focuses on the reason a 10-year-old girl is abducted from a crowded museum, cementing one’s attentiveness for its entirety.

“MURDER IN….” (AMAZON PRIME). Only the French could choose deliciously inviting French towns and landscapes to be the backdrop of nasty deeds; remarkably, each episode is approximately 90 minutes, encapsulating the uninterrupted scenario; there are 8 seasons, and it is such fun jumping from one to another, disregarding the order of the episodes, deciding which village or metropolis catches your fancy!

“DALGLIESH”  (AMAZON PRIME). Fans of dated detective shows: “Columbo”, “Murder She Wrote”, “Foyle’s War”, “Morse” will relish Detective Adam Dalgliesh (P.D. James) solving crimes in 1970’s England; Bertie Carvel is splendidly fervent in the role; intelligence abounds in “Dalgliesh”.

More to come in the New Year! Joy, love, and health to all in 2022!


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