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Mark Ruffalo’s performance as bi-polar, Boston Brahmin, Cameron Stuart is “infinitely” sublime, magnetic, riveting; sabotages one’s sensitivities; long after the conclusion, credits expunged, still stunning, haunting.  His every motion, word resonates with the anguish and glory of a filter- less mind:  his children rile at his inept parenting skills, incompetent housekeeping; his beleaguered wife tolerates his mood swings, inimitable love; frustrations of a brilliant, incapable man, trying to cope with “normalcy” after a nervous breakdown. Director Maya Forbes scores huge in her first feature film.

Zoe Saldana, Imogene Wolodarsky and Ashley Aufderheide as Cam’s wife and daughters complement Ruffalo’s dynamic depiction; the girls especially, imbue their roles with the appropriate dose of embarrassment, exasperation, anger, coping with their different Dad; yet realistically accept his affliction, and love him unconditionally. The most formidable scenes in the film revolve around their interactions, role reversals; sensationalism, sentimentalism,  ardently avoided.

At times squishy, soft around the edges, ginger in touching the depth of the destructive, depressive stages; a magnificent bar/drinking/dancing/smoking scene, pummels, pulsates with ultimate verisimilitude, the manic phase.

Mark Ruffalo’s celestial, rare portrayal of a challenged psyche is the finest to bless the screen in 2015!




  1. Barbara Geraghty

    Came looking for your review of Inside Out. Did I miss it? Eagerly await hearing your thoughts, Peneflix. We saw it and highly recommend!

    • Barbara, I did see it; animation is tough for me; brilliant concept but I found “Joy” tedious, annoying; parents cloying; Riley perfectly perfect. Possibly my mood at the time; was bored; I know I am in the minority; still pondering writing a review….
      Always love hearing your opinion. P

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