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Harrowing. Haunting. A drama so powerfully filmed and acted it will hover eerily in your consciousness for days after viewing. “Krisha” (sensational portrayal by Krisha Fairchild), a woman in her 60’s perpetually stares in the mirror searching for shadows of her bygone beauty; the camera mercilessly strokes a face ravaged by alcoholism; written and directed by  Trey Edward Shults. Krisha, fragile, isolated, slowly disintegrates while her loving family watches helplessly;  in a single day, she slips beyond salvation. Based on the nonfictional death of a cousin.

Tautly directed and heavily biographical, Shults relied on his family (mother, grandmother, aunt, friends) filmed over a  nine- day- period in Montgomery, Texas, his parents home. Typical of Thanksgiving Day throughout the country: cacophonous, boisterous, testosterone-driven games on television, backyards, living rooms; dogs barking;  preparing a huge turkey, Krisha and a relative silently and tenderly chop and blend,  a rhythmic harmony informs the process.

“Krisha” is callously honest, warts and weakness shockingly displayed,  but even at its nadir there lurks, camouflaged in insurmountable pain, the deepest, heart-wrenching, immutable sentiment,  love.



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