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LAMB (Icelandic: English subtitles) in theatres
Noomi Rapace Grows Dangerously Close to a Lamb in Trailer for Her New Horror Film: Watch Credit: A24

LAMB (Icelandic: English subtitles) in theatres

Having recently returned from a sojourn in Iceland, where the seasons were still vying for supremacy and man is perpetually subjected to nature’s whim, domination; sheep govern the landscape, their floppy ears tagged with marked ownership; two-legged creatures are rarely sighted and these furry mammals roam with impunity. “Lamb” is eerily strange, mystical and powerfully potent; co-writer and director Valdimar Johannsson, along with family members, relies on Iceland’s mythological legends: dwarves, elves, trolls, fauns, therianthropes, centaurs. “Maria” (indelible depiction by Naoomi Rapace) and “Ingvar” (worthy of watching Hilmir Snaer Guonason) rhythmically, solemnly flow with the monotony of daily duties on their obscure sheep farm in rural Iceland; enter the birth of an unusual ewe, a changeling, that gifts happiness to this morose couple. “Lamb” evolves with the growth of “Ada”, preposterously improbable, but in Johannsson’s fecund imagination and directorial dexterity, the outlandish is believable. 



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