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Greta Gerwig co-wrote with Noah Baumbach (director) and stars in this zany “Holly Golightly”, flippantly glib, inherently intelligent tale of thirty-year-old “Brook”, mistress of countless capabilities but a master of none; Gerwig is sensational in the role; Brook is a flame, dynamic, compelling, an addictive force that cements the devotion of her potential “stepsister” “Tracy”, (Lola Kirke, devastatingly divine),  college freshman, a writer, floundering in the gestation period; Tracy seeks out Brook; instantly smitten, a sycophant who drinks Brook’s kool-aid, she’s the disciple, devotee Brook craves.

Brook ceaselessly prattles, elaborating on her schemes, dreams, knowing the unlikeness of their actuality; Tracy’s fascination narrates the scenario and coins Brook as “Mistress America”; a chapter in two women’s lives destined to alter their paths; paths that pander the streets and nightlife of New York City; peruse the transitional site of “Mom’s Restaurant” a scatter-brained concept of combining a hair salon, art gallery with homey, maternal recipes. The quest for investors leads them to Greenwich, Conn. where Brook’s wealthy ex-boyfriend “Dylan” (Michael Chernus) and his wife “Mamie-Claire” (Heather Lind) live in suburbia splendor (versus Brook’s hovel in Times Square); incisive dialogue unveils the foibles, vindictiveness of the characters; meanness, cruelty ooze from sundry sources, brilliantly flaying Tracy’s idolatry and Brook’s fragile illusions.

We’ve all, at one time in our lives, met “Brook” or “Burt”; mesmerizing, charming, touching the “hem” or “cuff” of their garment is enough to send electric vibes from “sole to crown”; ultimately, like supernovas, their energy evaporates along with their aura.

Greta Gerwig understands the “Brooks” of the world and gifts viewers her insightful, prescient perceptions.



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