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Alert: these “oranges’ instead of being beneficial are a detriment to one’s health. Skip this supercilious, embarrassing diatribe about a failed marriage, doomed affair; worst flaw: painfully uninteresting  people; barely a nutrient worth imbibing, a calorie- less, bland, boring one hour and thirty two minutes!

Hugh Laurie, the paradigm of brilliant, caustic wit in the seven- year -role of Doctor “House”  is totally unremarkable  as a man whose marriage is in hospice; commences a relationship with his best friend’s (Oliver Platt) brainless, unaccountable daughter (Leighton Meester); the plot yawningly sinks into a morass of lackluster, lamentable drudgery. I will take the limping, scruffy, curmudgeon “House” in a nanosecond over this clean-shaven, cane- less, vanilla “David”.

The movie is saved from zero stars by Alia Shawkat. As “Vanessa” the smart, primarily ignored daughter of (Laurie and Catherine Keener); her succinct, crisp observations of this dysfunctional family, gift her a level of integrity, far superior to her vapid, empty counterparts.

“Oranges” does zilch for tourism in New Jersey; these characters are ubiquitous, sprinkled in cities, towns, villages throughout the universe; totally unworthy of “screen time”.

ONE & 1/2 STARS! (OUT OF 5)

For Now…………Peneflix


  1. I was looking forward to this since I like all of the actors. Thanks for saving me the money!

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