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Aamir Khan is one of the most remarkable, versatile actors on the contemporary screen; from action hero to alien his chameleon attributes never cease to overwhelm; “P.K.”, comparable to “Forest Gump”, “E.T”, “Dorothy” charms, intrigues and elucidates; he is a one-of-a-kind  creature who sheds enlightenment and enchantment as he looks for his stolen “remote”, without which he can never return to his planet. A fantastical scenario that succinctly, stunningly sucks you into the narrative.

P.K.’s odyssey (like Gulliver and Ulysses) takes him from Rajasthan to Delhi where “God” seems to be the answer to his dilemma; experiencing every religion practiced in this daunting new world, looking for the “one” who will deliver his redemptive remote; wholeheartedly embracing one dogmatic creed after another; discovering frauds, sycophants, televangelists, “managers” who use religion as subterfuge to enhance their own megalomania and coffers;  passing out “Missing: God” fliers,  he stumbles upon television reporter “Jaggu” (adorable, refreshing Anushka Sharma) and they perpetrate a philosophy of “wrong numbers”, stripping veils of hypocrisy from those grown obese by their phony posturing; reigning by fear and intimidation. Saurabh Shukla , corpulent, slimy “Tapasvi” is devilishly divine as the conning “manager” of Hinduism.

P.K. aka “Tipsy” is unique, loveable, admirable, hilarious; a gift to audiences worldwide; no one lies, wears clothes (religion is informed by fashion) in his universe; his quest to return home is a beautiful metaphor for simplification in one’s life; worship the God of creation, treat others as you want to be treated; listen to your heart and discover your destiny.



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