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PERFECT DAYS (Japanese:English subtitles) in theatres

PERFECT DAYS (Japanese:English subtitles) in theatres

How many of us have experienced perfect days? Days where all our stars are aligned; physical, emotional, psychological health are in sublime harmony; without aches, longings or unrequited dreams; we have imbibed in the daily, luscious delights of living, revering those minimal flawless days. 

German director Wim Wenders (“Paris, Texas”, “Anselm” ) resplendently in tandem with actor Koji Yakusho has scripted to perfection, a life honed to the barest of essentials; a life of redundancy, each detail, task performed with the same dedication and scrutiny as Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel.

“Hirayama” (Yakusho) is a public-toilet cleaner in Tokyo; painstakingly professional he never varies or compromises his duties, performed with a reverence worthy of the finest architecture, nothing in the world compares to the beauty of a toilet designed by Tadao Ando; imbued dignity, purity, refinement; Japanese homogeneity, respect for societal rules pulsates at the core of “Perfect Days”, it is a masterful, in-depth portrait of a man, an intelligent enigma, lover of literature, music; a man who has shunned trivia, the inconsequential, minutia defining the days of the inconsequential.

The beauty of the film lies in Hirayama’s greeting of the day’s dawn, looking skyward, smiling, recognizing and celebrating the perfection awaiting him.



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