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PIG (in theatres)

PIG (in theatres)

The pathetic pig, source of a major food supply with a heart reminiscent of a human’s, is perpetually maligned, used derogatorily, addressed as a “pig” is never a compliment, a reference to one’s weight, behavior, slovenliness; director Michael Sarnoski’s, fabulously interesting “Pig”, paints a portrait of this mammal as a loving, gifted truffle trapper (begs comparison to 2020’s “The Truffle Hunters” where dogs are the quintessential sniffers); more than the “pig” it is Nicholas Cage, as its reclusive owner, who captivates and affix’s one’s attention; rising to the surface, after years of mediocrity, he soars as a man, with a simple mission, the return of his companion, his beloved pig. The pain of a life spent and rejected oozes, with his every grimace, groan, stingy responses; his unkept, unwashed, cantankerousness, camouflages a man of unique skills and gargantuan integrity; Cage’s performance reverberates with colossal artistry.

Costars Alex Wolff and Adam Arkin, keenly complement Cage’s aptitude; surprises abound, and watching Nicholas Cage is a sumptuous, splendid, all-consuming feast.



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