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Infallible Meryl Streep as “Ricki Randazzo”, a pathetic anachronism, a “flash back” to the 80’s, is cringingly embarrassing as a waning rock- and- roll maven in her 60’s; a hairstyle and wardrobe reminiscent of a biker babe, the American flag tattooed on her back; she returns penniless to Indianapolis from a remote California town, when her daughter “Julie” (Mamie Gummer, Streep’s real-time daughter) is dumped by her husband. Julie, bereft of one compelling attribute, is a “Les Mis” sniveling hag; confounding, is how her husband tolerated her as long as he did.

Kevin Kline as “Pete” , Ricki’s ex-husband and Julie’s father is as bewildered by the role as he is with his wacky ex-wife and suicidal daughter.

Sophomorically written (Diablo Cody) and directed (Jonathan Demme) “Ricki and the Flash” is a sensational vehicle for Streep’s singing and guitar-playing acuity; audiences would have accepted this pandering twenty years ago; today it is errant, enervating,  excruciating.

ONE & 1/2 STAR!



  1. It seemed to come and go here in AL but I would like to recommend the viewing of “What Happened, Miss Simone”. I know that it is available on HBO and it is well worth the 2 hours of viewing time to learn more about and to listen to Nina Simone. The title of this is taken from the eulogy that Maya Angelou gave.

  2. I did mislead you a bit, Miss P.; I was not referring to “Ricki, etc.” and its showing time here in AL but only to Miss Simone that was here and away! Wanted to give that film some publicity. As to “Ricki”, I might go to see it, in any event, just because of Streep.

  3. ” What Happened, Miss Simone” is excellent….you know what a fan I am. It is on Netflix!

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