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SHOWING UP (in theatres)

SHOWING UP (in theatres)

Director Kelly Reichardt has made some compelling, transfixing films; “First Cow” and “Certain Women” passed the scrutiny test of most critics. Sadly “Showing Up’s” lethargy exponentially expands as sculptor “Lizzy” (Michelle Williams, in a thirty-three & 1/3 depiction of an artist whose work resembles that of German sculptor Stephan Balkenhol) plodding, comatosely moves through her days; she is more comfortable with her cat than her neighbors or family; in fairness, her mother, father and especially her brother seem to have been hatched from an alternate universe. 

What’s supremely disappointing was the total lack of insight into the artistic temperament; unlike “Blurred Lines: Inside the Art World”, “Mr. Turner”, “Pollock”, dealing with reality or the exquisite fictional “La Belle Noiseuse”, “Showing Up” had greater license to delve into the psyche, soul of creativity; Lizzy’s figurative pieces (saving security of the film) warrant investigation, analysis, they are troubling and strangely seductive, longing to unveil the “eye” of their molder.  

Wise to the importance of “showing up”, in this instance, I wish I hadn’t.



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