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Daniel Craig is an incredible actor but I felt was totally miscast as the dashing, elegant special agent “ 007,James Bond”; he lacked the debonair, savoir faire, Lothario charm and beauty of his predecessors; his female interactions hovered at the wham/bam level. He excelled as the robotic, mechanical slayer of evil miscreants, but lacked the instincts of a man who felled women with a single glance.

“Skyfall” is one of the finest action films in recent years: magnificently, thrillingly filmed; award-worthy cinematography; gone are the ubiquitous clichés, dated double entendres, casual, blasé intimacies (one exception that is justified); now audiences are treated to a playing field where men and women are on par with each other.

The success  of “Skyfall” lies in the contemporary and stunning portrayal of a more human, wounded, flawed and ageing “James Bond” and Daniel Craig is dazzling, brilliant in the role;  magnificent commencement leading to his demise, resurrection, reinstatement, compellingly, realistically depicted; empathizing and rooting for the lacerated, crestfallen hero.

“Skyfall” triumphs in the relationship between “M” (another iconic performance by Judi Dench), “Silva” (Javiar Bardem, corners the market on unctuous, slimy, blazing villainy), and composed, mysterious Bond. Their relationships, history bleed wonderfully into each other; they are masters of their trade and with each hair-raising, surprising scene, reveal the essence, core of their nature, morphing into an intriguing, mesmerizing ménage a trios; a triangle for the ages.

“Skyfall” (only at the conclusion does one learn its meaning)  is titillating, scintillating, tauntingly innovative; minor roles of “Q” (Ben Whishaw), “Eve” (Naomie Harris), “Gareth Mallory” (Ralph Finnes), “Kincade” (Albert Finney) change previous conceptions of archival Bond films; Sam Mendes has directed a twenty-first century gem, a fascinating genesis destined to be exploited throughout the millennium. 

FOUR & 1/2 STARS!!!!

For Now…………Peneflix  


  1. Thank you for the review. I think “J” and I will have to make a movie date to see another 007 performace.;-)

  2. Hats off to 007 & 0027!!!

  3. Your first paragraph describes the film most appropriately, Peneflix!
    It was an “action film”, but not the Bond film we expected. Missed the “spy” elements, the intrigue, we have plenty of action films, that was what made James Bond films so special in the past.
    Great cast, excellent acting, but not a James Bond film, by any means!
    Loved the introductory song by Adele, it was a most pleasant and fabulous surprise,
    Is the 21st century all about “action” and not a bit more “intrigue” and sophisticated plot? Hope not!

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