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Earlier this year the film “Locke” exploded on the screen; Tom Hardy, the tragic protagonist, is monumentally overwhelming as the unfortunate, but accountable “Ivan Locke’; an isolated, solitary tour de force, rarely seen by movie- goers. Hardy’s scope as an actor has yet to be realized; but once again he excavates his treasure-trove of talent and blesses audiences with “Bob”, ... Read More »


Tom Cruise. For thirty years I have been a worshiper, a devout member of congregation “Cruisology”; “Risky Business” (1983) was my baptismal inauguration; here is a man with more avatars than Vishnu: lover, pilot, lawyer,  lover, football player, bartender, lover, gambler, samurai,  lover, vampire, rock star; endless characterizations.  But it is his role as super-hero that has monopolized his mega ... Read More »

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