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In the last few years whenever someone asks me if I have seen the latest Julia Roberts or in this instance George Clooney film, my negative kites take flight. Last night I saw “The American” and my kites are now another ring around Saturn. It is vying along with “Sex and the City 2” for first place as one of the worst films of 2010; on second thought, it ranks second; nothing could be worse than “Sex and the City 2”!

It is silent, senseless, at times sensuous but ultimately sinks into septic of sludge!

“The American” does win first prize as my briefest review; my worthy intention to save all of you!

ONE STAR! (The cinematography is luscious.)

For Now……………Peneflix 

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  1. Pen, you’re right on. Getting a kick reading all the other critics justifying it, calling it a European art film. I like Clooney, but this stunk.

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