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This awful flick is more a curse than “ legacy”;  disjointed, disengaging, disenfranchised from previous “Bourne” sagas starring Matt Damen; unfathomable crime using “ Bourne”  nomenclature to lure advocates of the now deceased Bourne genre, to this facile, sophomoric, anemic replacement.

“The Bourne Legacy” pathetically edited, is a compilation of “running” sequences; Jeremy Renner (a fine actor, wasted in this vacuous role) is “Aaron Cross” a contemporary “Mercury”, “Hermes” on winged feet running through Alaska, Illinois, Washington,D.C. Manila; with vague references to Jason Bourne, Cross is an agent scheduled for demolition, along with a myriad in his league;  robotic specimens, existing on a diet of color-coded pills,  distributed in a contained research faculty. One scientist, “Dr. Marta Shearing” ( Rachel Weisz), survives a massacre but has exceeded her expiration date,  now on the “shoot to kill” roster, hence competing, partnering in the sprinting marathon with Cross.

Confusing, bludgeoning boring; numbing negativity; characters, ranking lethally high on the Richter Scale of vileness: C.I.A., scientists, unidentified government lackeys, lamely inept. Muddled medical babble, tiresome diatribes flounder on a cross of arcane gravitas.

The final twenty minutes, no longer on their feet, mounted on a motorcycle;  preposterous, deleterious, but exhilarating because optimistically they might go ferociously into that “good night”; saving future audiences from galvanizing, catatonic ennui.


For Now………..Peneflix

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