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What might have been an interesting scenario, spirals down tubes of improbabilities, landing on a flatbed of absurdity, resulting in melodramatic,  pandering obfuscation, highlighting the pneumatic pectorals of Sean Penn.

Commencing in 2006 in the blighted detritus of the Congo, an unnamed monolithic corporation, uses assassination as a tool for controlling the natural resources; “Jim Terrier” (sour, surly Penn) is a skilled marksmen who champions the “Calvary Project” (a bludgeoning metaphor, for unjustified martyrdom); flees the continent leaving “Annie” (Jasmine Trinca, far too fetching and refreshing to be shackled to the assassin), to find secondary solace in the arms of “Felix” (unworthy role for Javier Barden); years pass, no one ages and those involved in the “Project” are being systematically eliminated.

“The Gunman” based on “The Prone Gunman” by Jean-Patrick Machete is a vehicle for Mr. Penn to ride the waves of action thrillers; with Herculean adroitness and pertinacious efforts slaying the nefarious with “Ramboesque” dexterity.  The same hackneyed, repetitious, transparent plot we’ve experienced a myriad of times but with more engaging protagonists.  

Climaxing at a bullfight in Barcelona; emotionally cauterized,  I was more concerned about the fate of the bull and his relationship with the matador than the ponderous plight of “The Gunman”.

ONE & 1/2 STARS!


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