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The major conundrum is why this film was made. Are there childless couples who conjure their flawless progeny; write all desired attributes, place them in a box, and bury it in the back yard?  Possibly, being a city- dweller, complacent in my concrete cocoon; (it was challenging finding a soft slice of earth to bury my daughter’s deceased hamster, “Chipper”), that I was bereft of empathy or imagination for “Timothy”, rising like a golem after a rain of Noah proportions; Timothy is ten- years -old, adorable and green- leafed, referencing his name; and it is no surprise, he champions the requirements on his parents wish list.

The parents “Cindy” and “Jim” (cloying, but sincere depictions by Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton) are paradigms of “parents in training”. Timothy is cute, loveable, chimerical, a boyish “Shirley Temple” (C J Adams); but rue the day when those legs with leaves, morph into a face with fuzz.

This is not a bad film just a supercilious, superficial tale comprised of one uninteresting personage proceeding another, with an intriguing exception, “Joni”, (Odeya Rush) Timothy’s “love/friend interest”; she is beautiful, artful and a legitimate force;  also afflicted with an abnormality which brands her as “different”; she shuns acceptance by the vapid clones in her class. She quietly advocates Timothy, their relationship rings with honesty, and saves the audience from total anaphylactic shock.


For Now…………Peneflix

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